Exploring 4 Famous Myths in Forex, Crypto, and Gold: Pros, Cons, and Boundaries


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This article addresses some prevalent misconceptions about trading Forex, crypto, and gold markets. Given the risks, stress, and energy required, I frequently receive questions about the worthiness of trading forex. Trading is undeniably a captivating and distinctive profession. We often encounter various hurdles in forex trading, but I will attempt to debunk some of these obstacles as mere myths.

A quick overview: Trading before the internet era Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need substantial capital to succeed in Forex, crypto, or gold trading. As mentioned before, becoming a proficient trader is not an overnight process and requires time and patience.

Concentrating on earning pips rather than focusing on monetary gains is essential. You are already a competent trader if you can generate USD50 from an account with USD100 capital without a margin call. However, this does not involve gambling techniques or martingale strategies. I emphasise a calm, gradual approach to trading without excessive leverage or revenge trading. If you can profit from smaller accounts, you can replicate this success on larger accounts, such as those with USD 10,000. Always remember to manage your risk!

Myth #1

Constant profitability is a must. Embrace that losses are inevitable in Forex, crypto, and gold trading. Successful trading is built on the “tripod” principle. It is impossible to win every trade, but following the “tripod” will guide you towards becoming a profitable trader. Occasional losses, even monthly, are expected. Remember that trading is a marathon, not a sprint; you are in it for the long haul. Your overall wins should surpass your losses.

Myth #2

I’ll quit my job and trade full-time. This is a widespread misconception in Forex, crypto, and gold trading. How many people make a living from acting, painting, or sports? Plenty of people play poker, but can they support themselves from it? Be realistic. When asked if trading with USD5,000 or USD10,000 can sustain a living, I respond with, “Sure, if living under a bridge is your goal.” Success requires consistency, skill, and a substantial amount of capital. Losing money in trading is not always your fault; sometimes, it’s the market. If a trader starts with USD10,000 and aims for only USD200 per month (a realistic 2% per month), over-leveraging may occur. This can lead to revenge trading and a downward spiral, potentially causing total ruin. Stay grounded and be practical.

Myth #3

The perfect strategy Some traders believe they will discover a foolproof system that will yield millions indefinitely in Forex, crypto, and gold markets. To date, there is no evidence of such a strategy. Flexibility is crucial as markets constantly change. Our webinars help keep you informed about current market conditions. Successful traders continuously adapt their approach to align with the market. Remember, if you can make 1-5% profit per month, you outperform bank returns of around 2 % annually.

Myth #4

Concentrate on one or two major currency pairs. This is not always the best approach. My trading platform is highly acclaimed and has received numerous awards in the UK. I encourage you to take advantage of its full potential. Diversifying your focus across various markets can be beneficial. Pairing the most negatively correlated currencies offers the highest probability of capturing strong movements due to triangular equilibrium (e.g., GBP/USD x USD/JPY = GBP/JPY). 

In conclusion, I have attempted to debunk five prevalent trading myths. Knowing these misconceptions can help you navigate the trading world with a more grounded and informed perspective. If you believe other myths are worth discussing, please share your thoughts in the comments below. Happy trading, and stay safe!

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