Strong USD/JPY 2 Key Reversal Confluence

USD/JPY Technical Analysis

  • Daily trend is up
  • Key reversals both on D1 and H4
  • ATR is 129 pips
  • 137.39 is daily target
  • Potential for 1.7200 zone



  1. Key reversal 4h
  2. Pennant breakout
  3. Intraday target
  4. Swing target

USD/JPY is bullish. We can spot both daily and 4h bullish key reversal patterns. The double key reversal pattern is a technical analysis chart pattern that occurs when the price reverses twice within two consecutive chart patterns. In this case, the USD/JPY currency pair has formed a double key reversal pattern on both the daily and 4-hour timeframes. This pattern is considered a bullish signal, indicating that the current uptrend continues.

We can also spot a bullish pennant. A pennant is a technical analysis pattern that forms when a market price moves in a tight range, forming a triangle shape. In this case, the USD/JPY currency pair has broken out of a pennant formation. A pennant breakout is typically considered a bullish signal, suggesting that the current uptrend may continue. The intraday target for the USD/JPY currency pair is 137.39, which suggests that the price may continue to rise in the short term. The USD/JPY swing target is 137.90

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