NKT’s Top-XE Trading Results for January 2023

Dear traders,

Amidst the huge volatility in trading, the best price action system – MEGATREND, continues to succeed.

Last month’s total was +2.48 %, and I need to admit it was hard to trade due to huge number of news packed in 1 single week. Total gain on the account is +123.70 % in 8 months.

January 2023 was the another profitable month for me and my Telegram group. This is the FULL report which has been verified by myfxbook.com. Click on any image to enlarge.

Trading Result is +2.48 % Gain in January

The January ended and spilled over to February with very strong data reports. Literally in a single week we had FED, BOE, ECB, ADP, NFP and BOE events. This has created huge ups and downs but in the end we managed to be in the profit. Total gain is +123.70 % and we continue to win month after month.

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The summary of monthly results is here:

Most popular markets for January 2023 were:

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Cheers and safe trading,


Cheers and safe trading,


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