EUR/USD Continuation of Uptrend as the Deep Fake Pattern Suggests

EUR/USD Technical Analysis

  • Bullish continuation
  • ATR is 76 pips
  • Fakeout bullish pattern
  • Important news
  • M H5 is the target

MEGATREND MAs: Bullish – Uptrend

D1 Chart EUR/USD

  1. Megatrend pattern
  2. Deep fake/Fake out pattern
  3. Target zone

The EUR/USD is still in uptrend. Megatrend pattern (21-30 days of strong trend without deep pullbacks) still exists and the market is under consolidation and potential profit taking. We can see a big range in the last 5 days of trading. That’s because we have a strong news coming (German GDP, ADP, NFP + ECB) and there is no momentum at this point but it is going to change as news is being released.

Generally I still think that the market is long and have been buying dips as technicals suggest longs. Deep fake or fake out pattern has formed in the last 3 candles and we should see a move up straight from the 1.0850 zone. The target is 1.1055.

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