Bitcoin Bullish W Breakout

Bitcoin Technical Analysis

  • W Breakout
  • Uptrend continues
  • Temporary bottom has been established
  • 22967 is the target


D1 Chart Bitcoin

  1. The bottom
  2. Order block
  3. Entry zone
  4. Swing target

Bitcoin is bullish. Temporary bottom has been made and I don’t expect it to be broken. It would take a major disaster of an exchange to effectively drop the pair below its supported minimum of 15000.

I am long and have been buying dips as technicals and fundamentals suggest longs.W bullish pattern is playing out. Bitcoin is like the SNP500, it is made to be bullish by default. So I am expecting a further move to 20000 and 22967 Q H5. We don’t pay for SWAPS so it’s a swing trading time! Additionally, the price is above the moving averages and it formed a so-called sequence (strong trend) where buying the dips continues.

My account has been +122 % up (verified by myfxbook) in 7 months so pay close attention to the analysis and my articles.

This analysis, all the patterns and all entry signals and targets are a part of the Megatrend system and a trading course.

Summary of November trading results is here

This analysis, all the patterns and all entry signals and targets are a part of the Megatrend system Join my Telegram group to receive trading signals.

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Summary of December trading results is HERE (click to see)

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Nenad Kerkez - NKT

Nenad Kerkez - NKT

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