NKT’s TOP-XE Trading Results for November 2023

Dear traders,

November 2022 was the record for trading and our Telegram group. This is the FULL report which has been verified by myfxbook.com. Click on any image to enlarge.

forex trading result

The overall account profits are +98.70 % which has ALMOST COMPLETED the goal of doubling the account milestone that I have set. Along with the XM credit from XMP – Loyalty points my gains are +106.64 %. The result has been fully verified by myfxbook.com and if you join my Telegram(click to open) group you will be able to also see all trades that we have made with results. Trading signals are a part of my MEGATREND trading method which you can also learn through my dedicated DISCORD channel and XM Live Webinars(click to open).

See the full report below.

Do you want to have similar results? Learn to trade manually and don’t put your faith in the EA. I am here to teach you how to trade profitably and be in control of your trades. Join my MEGATREND Discord channel or 1v1 course so you can start from 0 to HERO. I promise that you will be extremely happy. You only need to follow the rules and respect what I teach religiously. No other systems allowed. I don’t care if you are novice or expert trader. The point is the same. You need to be profitable. So, forget anything you have known so far and learn MEGATREND principles so you can become a profitable trader.

If you only want signals then go for it 🙂

Cheers and safe trading,


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